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Updated: Mar 20

Their job should be to kill me.

Instead, I have become their favourite toy.

The bones of every blood witch mark the entrances to the human villages. Blood magic is forbidden.

It's evil incarnate.

Everybody knows that.

So, on my twentieth birthday, when my coven's sacred blood rite ritual reveals me as the first blood witch to appear in the last twenty years, I fully expect my bones to be added to the pile.

What I don't expect is to be kidnapped by three egotistical, frustratingly gorgeous and devious witch-killing warrior immortals with a peculiar and insatiable taste for my blood.

Shaw, a domineering dream-walker who collects monsters.

Dorian, a broody shadow-master who likes to play with poppet dolls.

And Archie, a slightly unhinged wolf shifter who enjoys pushing everyone's limits.

They want something from me but refuse to tell me what.

As I'm dragged into a mess of dark magic, twisted desires and an all-consuming power that marks me for death, my list of enemies grows.

My old coven wants me back.

My ex-fiancé has become obsessed with making me pay for betraying him.

And secrets come to light that might just rip my soul to shreds.

What little soul I'm clinging on to, at any rate.

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