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The Lottery is the chance of a lifetime. The one and only hope a girl has to escape certain death as a sacrificial soldier, fighting the bloodthirsty, flesh-tearing monsters that roam freely beyond “The Wall”. Put in your name, and if chosen, become wife to the powerful and gorgeous leader of the last of humanity. Lord Noah Sands. A supposed living god amongst the last of humankind. For seventeen years, Scarlett has lived as just such a soldier. Trained from birth to kill without question and be ready to die without complaint. Along with her group of misfit friends, she loves exploring the lost world beyond The Wall and fighting for humanity’s freedom. For Scarlett, winning The Lottery is a fate worse than death. It means turning her back on her secret lover, and worse, giving up the freedom being a killer gives her. No chance. But Lord Noah Sands has only ever had eyes for Scarlett, and when he threatens the man she truly loves, Scarlett must make an impossible choice. Put her name into The Lottery and marry the monster. Or become something not even he can control. Something that will kill her quickly, if she’s not careful. To save the man she loves, she'll risk everything. Her life. Her freedom. Even her humanity. "The Walking Dead" meets "The Hunger Games" in this gripping dystopian fantasy of love against all odds and life or death stakes.

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After the harrowing and life-changing events Scarlett and her Canaries survived beyond The Wall, they return home to a less than warm welcome. And sadly, minus one of the team. Scarlett has been arrested and returned to her ‘fiancé’ to face his wrath. It is not only his retribution that she must deal with, but also the heartbreak and betrayal from those she left behind. But Scarlett has a mission. One she will need them all to help achieve. She left to save the ones she loved. Now she must return and fight, not only for all of humanity’s survival, but for their very souls. A war is brewing. No one has stood up to Noah and The Verity, and lived to tell the tale. Not until Scarlett. They need a leader, and all eyes seem to be on her. Secrets will be uncovered. Hearts will be broken. And lives will be lost. But when did being dead ever stop anyone?

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