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Monster. Liar. Thief. Killer.
I’ve been called it all and so much worse.
And they’re not wrong.

I’ve been running my whole life. Hiding from the monsters who haunt my dreams and who will tear me apart again and again if they ever find me. I live off whatever I can steal, trapped inside a fae prison city filled with pollution, sin and poverty. Humans have captured the Fae. We belong to them now. My scars make me a bad omen to my people, who shun and torment me at every turn. Cyrus, the egotistical and frustratingly gorgeous leader of the fae under-city, can’t seem to decide whether he wants to kill me or claim me for his own dark and delicious desires. And Reid, a dangerous and hypnotically beautiful human Authority Agent whose sole purpose should be to keep me in the dirt, has decided to keep me as his own personal Pet instead. But when dark, demonic creatures start attacking, killing human and Fae alike, alliances must be made, especially when the monsters seem to be determined to find and slaughter me. A dormant war is awakening, and the part I must play in it is only just becoming clear. Do I stand and fight? Or do I strike the match and watch them all burn? Lies of the Fae is book 1 in “The Stolen Fae series”. It’s a dark, urban-fantasy romance full of magic, danger, passion, and pain.

ebook fotf cover.jpg
The Bond has been made,
Reid and Cyrus will never let me go.

But who is trapped with who? They will protect me from my father. Rescue the Fae who were stolen. And indulge my deepest, darkest desires. They have their hidden agendas. But I have mine. As the world turns to darkness in Ivan's shadow, the Dark Fae grow in number and ferocity. The lines between magic and science are blurred, and a hidden weapon lies in wait. Is there a way out of this? Reid believes there is. But our freedom will come at a heavy price. One a hero will have to pay. But there are no heroes here. Fall of the Fae is book 2 in "The Stolen Fae series". It's a dark, urban-fantasy romance full of magic, danger, passion, and pain.

A twisted dance of darkness and desire...

I waged war for our freedom. Risked everything to protect those I loved. Yet love's embrace turned ravenous, consuming me whole. Imprisoned for an agonising two years, I was a pawn in my father's twisted game. He made me a weapon to be wielded against those I held dear. Now, I'm free. But freedom has only hurled me from one hell into another. Ivan and the tyrant Fae King are shattering the fragile harmony between Fae and monsters. Ancient abominations are crawling back into existence, painting the world crimson with blood and despair. All eyes are on me, the reluctant queen, to fix it all. But I'm fighting my own monsters. My two Bonded Mates betrayed me, broke my heart and abandoned me to a fate worse than death. How can I fix anything when they've left me so broken? The allure of vengeance pulls me closer, threatening to consume my soul. But as secrets are revealed and the truth becomes clear, boundaries blur between virtue and vice, righteousness and sin, and hero and villain. For freedom, I must trust those who were once my enemy and forgive the unforgivable. It dawns on me, with chilling clarity, that I may not be the hero of this story after all. Wrath of the Fae is book three and the final instalment in "The Stolen Fae series". It's a dark fantasy romance full of magic, danger, passion, and pain. Please Note: This is a reverse harem book containing explicit content and darker elements, including mature language, violence, torture, and SA. It is not intended for anyone under 18 years of age.

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